Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ignorant Korean Press Thought Lee Hyori Was Illegal Immigrant

There is no boundary to the ignorance of Korean press. Initially they thought Lee Hyori was an "illegal Filipino immigrant". Here's Lee Hyori:

"When I first debuted my skin color was dark and there was an article that was saying I was an illegal Filipino immigrant. Because of that article, a lot of rumors started. The paparazzi photographed me a lot and I was hurt because of that... but now that I've been out for 10 years, those rumors don't bother me anymore."

The controversial description here is "illegal immigrant". If the Korean press described her as "Filipino" only then there'll be no uproar.

There are illegal Korean immigrants here too by the way. Yes, the owner of that Korean restaurant -- the one that doesn't let Filipinos in might be illegal too. I will not be surprised if the LA Riots HAPPEN here soon esp. if you are being discriminated IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!

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