Friday, July 31, 2009

Naruto 458 / Sai Tells Sakura That Naruto Loves Her / Danzo Will Lead The Five-Village Alliance? / Naruhina Is In Big Trouble

In today's explosive Naruto issue 458, Sai tells Sakura that Naruto loves her!!! The promise Naruto gave her years ago has become his curse. Both Sakura and Sasuke are hurting Naruto! These are the statements a pissed off Sai hurled at Sakura. Seeing Naruto beaten to a pulp is enough for Sai. Seriously, Sai has to tell her? Is she dense or something? I hope she is NOT that clueless! For a guy who doesn't know much about people, Sai did a good job.

Naruto promised Sakura he'll bring Sasuke back years ago. This pledge made Naruto unbecoming of a ninja when he begged the Raikage for forgiveness. It was a sad sight -- all of these for Sakura.

So what will it mean? Most likely Sakura will soften on Naruto maybe even tell him to stop. Knowing Naruto, he definitely won't do it - that's his Ninja Way. Complete with dramatic background music (in the anime soon), Naruto will declare his intention to get Sasuke back with a smile and a thumbs up, of course.

Now that Sakura knows Naruto's feelings, then what?

Naruhina fans don't give up. Though the aftermath of Hinata's confession was almost forgotten by Kishimoto it will return soon. Seriously, in real life seeing someone confess and almost die in front of you is an unforgettable experience!

The Five Kages Meeting

Agenda: The Akatsuki Threat

Now back to the meeting, the Tsuchikage is a cantankerous old man he must be English (joking). He picks on Gaara the Kazekage because of his age. Luckily, Gaara has sharp tongue too. The Kages began blaming each other for the rise of Akatsuki. In their discussions it became apparent that:

Kumokagure (Hidden Cloud Village) is still massing and building up its military (remember the Hyuga incident? The village tried to obtain the secret of the Byakugan from Konoha).

The Beautiful Mizukage (Hidden Mist) revealed there are suspicions her predecessor was under the control of someone.

With the loss of tailed beasts, other villages are sitting ducks to the Akatsuki threat.

The power and respect the Ninja Villages give to Land / Country of Iron and its leader Mifune is amazing. Yes, it is neutral but you can't just impose your will on a ninja village esp. if it's not yours!

Then, Danzo revealed the Akatsuki's true leader which is Uchiha Madara. The four other Kages seem to have NO IDEA about it at All. They were surprised at the revelation (at least that's what they projected, they are Ninjas after all).

A five-village military alliance was proposed and the Mifune of the Land of Iron nominated Danzo to lead it (Tsunade's in trouble no way he'll give reins of power back to her now even if she suddenly revives).

The Sixth Hokage Danzo is getting more powerful with each passing week. He was chosen NOT for his exemplary leadership skills but due to Konoha's military weapon - the nine-tails. Most likely other ninja villages will agree with the nomination. Do they have any choice? Disarmament and peaceful era weakened some Ninja villages strength. Worse, Akatsuki have several tailed-beasts in the arsenal.

This week Naruto # 45 ranks 70th in the list of best-selling books in the USA (July 13 - 19) according to USA Today.

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