Friday, July 24, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas / Philippines vs Chinese-Taipei / Powerade vs Korea Recap / Result

Powerade Team Pilipinas / Philippines vs Chinese - Taipei / Taiwan B 3:00 pm Saturday July 25

Chinese-Taipei B team is a developmental team although they have one US NCAA basketball player with the English name Jet Chang from Brigham Young University - Hawaii. The B team was competitive against Korea and Jordan but couldn't sustain its offense and it usually falters in the fourth quarter. It basically plays like Korea with plenty of drive and kickout plays. Chinese-Taipei B is mostly accurate in the three-point arc so Powerade Team Pilipinas better take note.


Powerade Team Pilipinas / Philippines vs Korea Recap / Result

South Korea 83 - 80 Team Pilipinas

According to internet reports, Team Pilipinas pulled their did Korea in my opinion but did enough to win.

From their Jones Cup games, one worrying trend I noticed is Team Pilipinas' ability to choke in the endgame. I hope it won't be a habit come Fiba-Asia. For example at the start of the fourth quarter the score was 59 -57 in favor of Korea. Korea sets up a play and scored an uncontested three (defense scrambled but to no avail). Then, an inbound turnover happened (I don't know how but Miller seems to have lost control of the ball again). Korea shot another three. In just few minutes at the start of the fourth quarter, Korea had a 6-0 run which was enough of a buffer for them to take the game. Three straight turnovers put the game out of reach against Lebanon. Turnovers and questionable decisions led to blown lead against Japan. I do hope choking hasn't become a habit yet of Team Pilipinas

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Korea Positives
-First half defense was intense and put the Koreans in trouble but wasn't sustained in the 2nd half
- Three point shooting improved (very valuable!)

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Korea Negatives
- Turnovers (commiting TOs and playing possum is not the same see how Lebanon plays)
-Poor Three Point Shooting Defense (The score is deceptive as Korea uncharacteristically missed many uncontested three point shots. I sure hope it improves come Fiba-Asia I meant our defense not Korea's three point shooting LOL.)

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