Sunday, July 19, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Chinese-Taipei A / Practice Winning Not Losing!

It's Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Chinese Taipei A Tonight and boy there are two things that will happen tonight - either our team unleash their full fury on Taiwan or get blown away --- again. Jayjay Heltebrand and Mick Pennisi will be in the lineup after missing the first game however these two haven't practiced with the team for three weeks according to Yeng Guiao. I saw Chinese Taipei play against Japan last night and I can tell you most of the players can shoot the three (even Tien Lei), quick and they are always in motion. Powerade better take this seriously as the Taiwanese commentators were laughing everytime their team stretch the lead. Some people say don't take these practice games seriously. You want to practice winning not losing and definitely not losing by 30 + points.

I will not blame Yeng or the players. I know Yeng is a competitive guy and doesn't like to lose. I think he wants the best preparation possible for Powerade Team Pilipinas but THE PBA didn't make it happen. In fact, it stretched the season so far that the day before the Jones Cup the Championship is still on-going! Ever tried reasonable scheduling?

How can we stop the Taiwanese? By actually playing defense. There's too much one-on-one basketball. PBA style basketball doesn't work in world-class tournaments.

I hope Team Pilipinas win against Chinese-Taipei - any team but them!!!

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