Friday, July 17, 2009

Naruto 456: Land / Country of Iron

In the Naruto world, the Land / Country of Iron is a neutral country with no ninjas but guarded by tough looking Samurais. It is formed from three mountains called "three wolves". The Land / Country of Iron's location is currently being debated by hardcore fans LOL. The country is cold and resembles most Western countries in Winter. It seems the country isn't bothered by the ninjas so it must be a very powerful country.

Land / Country of Iron is a neutral one eh? So it is like Switzerland! I wonder if ill-gotten wealth from shady some Feudal Lords get deposited there too. I ponder on why the Land / Country of Iron hosted the Summit of the Five Kages. Does it have a catch or the place is bastion of peace?

Summary Land / Country of Iron
Leader: Mifune (probably from famous Samurai actor Toshiro Mifune)
Military: Samurai
Location: Will Be Identified Soon

Is Naruto 456 a waste? Geesh...writers have to build up a story too. Grow Up!

The Mizukage was most likely traumatized by a guy. We will confirm soon. The Mizukage apparently has a sweet personality and cares about her underlings. Although she's menacing when she's angry. I hope she gets appears more in the manga. You have to remember there aren't many well-drawn female anime characters or in lay men's terms "pretty anime characters" in Naruto.

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