Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Japan / Respect

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Japan schedule 3:00 pm July 21, 2009 Jones Cup Basketball Competition

Oh yes after that emotional win (at least for me) Powerade Team Pilipinas needs another victory - just to earn respect. Yes, respect! Japan never considers Pilipinas as a threat. I'm not offended by it just that Team Pilipinas does have a hard time against Japan. Man, even their Universiade team defeated the Nationals in 2007 Jones Cup, remember that? I know this is not the strongest Japanese lineup yet but it is not our fault. Powerade Team Pilipinas should win. There are rumors our Team will lose again. What for? Japan is so weak! I saw the game against Taiwan they don't hustle hard. Japan is hiding something whatever it is we should be ready. You know what it is better to lose to a strong team than a weak one.

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Kazakhstan Post Match Analysis

"Korea defeated Kazakhstan using speed and accuracy. Every opportunity it gets the East Asian team runs. Any sane small team should as the Central Asian republic is full of giants."

I'm so happy we won yesterday. Our bread and butter one-on-one plays worked and most especially we ran at every opportunity like Korea - that's why we won! Yes, Japeth Aguilar showed flashes of brilliance and his defense made the Kazakhs worry. Some people say we won as Kazakhs are shorthanded - NBA prospect Pomonarev is not with the team -maybe. We will know if we ever meet again in the Fiba-Asia Championship.

If you criticize Team Pilipinas you are a crab.

I only criticize Powerade Team Pilipinas because I have basis. I'm not a mouthpiece of somebody I want to say what I want to say. I'm not pollyanaish either. First, Powerade Team Pilipinas never really took their crusade seriously. If you follow the team you will know they turned down the chance to play in the Qatar tournament (last June) because the season is on-going. It's free - the organizers will shoulder the cost. Team Pilipinas could've done all the adjustments starting from there - not now when there are three weeks left. You can't possibly unlearn all their bad habits in that short span of time. Some people are starting to brag again after the Kazakhstan victory our record is still...1 -2! Our bread and butter plays are one-on-one but we are not as athletic as Team USA. Some of our players can't handle the ball as if their hands have oil or something. Kazakhstan is a perennial Jones Cup doormat yet placed 4th in the last Fiba-Asia championship. The problem with some people is they just love propaganda. So we are all "Yes men!" now? Go live in your own world. Other people just want to view things on a balanced perspective.

I'm happy though - at least we won.

We won because...

...their defense is better is time. I see determination.
...three point shooting is much, much better. No more brick-shooting contest
...one-on-one plays worked. I think Team Pilipinas will never change so might as well make the most of these one-on-one plays. But will it work against better teams like Iran, Korea, & Lebanon.
...Jayjay Helterbrand is back.

update July 22, 2009

Yes Japan is weak that we built a 19-point and a 12-point lead only to blow it away LOL. I never realized Powerade is that soft! Nineteen points up some players began throwing away possessions. I remember Willie Miller forcing his shots. I don't know why some of our players (Norwood esp.) seem to be anxious on showboating. Team Pilipinas is NOT THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS. Slowly Japan clawed back using slash and kickout for three and other slash and cut play. It was effective they kept on using it. Our defenders get sucked by the slasher leaving some of the Japanese players open. The problem is the Nihonjin just shoot better from three. Team Pilipinas three-point shooting also disappeared along with the lead. I thought they had learned their lesson. I thought their defense has improved esp after clamping on Kazakhstan. As it turns out this is an on-and-off team! No consistency - oh my bad they consistently throw the ball away since game 1 in the Jones Cup. This is definitely NOT playing possum.

Yes, Coach Yeng Guiao shuffled players in the 2nd quarter but its no excuse to commit turnovers!

They had an opportunity to win but it slipped away. No matter at least this is the Jones Cup - this is what some people want us to believe. I really hope the Team Pilipinas players actually LEARN from this. I don't mind losing now as it grew on me.

There are people who say Team Pilipinas didn't take the game seriously. Really? How about Japan you think they took the game seriously too? They used basic plays to score and never really revealed anything. Kei Igarashi, their main man, barely played. The other half of the Takeuchi twins didn't come to Taiwan. Can you be sure they took the game seriously too?

Team Pilipinas needs to win one game in Tianjin and they are in the second round or qualifying round anyway and that's where the real test begins. Even if they lose to Japan and Korea in Fiba-Asia they can win against Sri Lanka. No offense meant to the Sri Lankan people.

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