Thursday, July 23, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas / Philippines vs Korea Jones Cup / Martial Law Imposed On Opposing Views

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Korea 5 pm July 23, 2009

Another tough test for Team Pilipinas is this match against Korea. Korea is a fast team with excellent teamwork but it lacks physical presence inside. Another worry about Korea is its accuracy in the three point arc. Seriously, Team Pilipinas players should clamp down on its three-point shooters which is basically the entire Team Korea. Don't give them space. I only ask for a much better display of offense and defense for our team. Man, stop turning the ball over so many times! I reckon the real Ryan Reyes (not Jayjay) will play today along with Dillinger.

Players to watch out for:
Kim Min Soo - rebounder and scorer, a workhorse
Kim Joo Sung - 7 foot Center / shot blocker

Plays to watch out for:
drive and kick out for three (staple for Team Korea)
drive and cut
pick and roll

I do hope they revert back to the kind of defense they brought out against Kazakhstan. Yes I know Kazakhstan isn't a strong team but what I want to see is determined type of defense and we need that against Korea whose own brand of run and gun offense is very effective (almost error free too).

In Team Pilipinas discussion, there are people dissing other people for expressing their opinions calling them geniuses. LOL grow up! That why its called "discussion". Why are they so afraid to talk about it? It's a discussion - what? Should we stop talking about it? NO!

Some brats still don't get it. Criticizing Team Pilipinas is not necessarily hating on them - that's childish thinking. Unless you are related to the players of Team Pilipinas why stop the discussion? By the way, Team Pilipinas is lucky their matches are being talked about - other meager paid national team players from other sports wished Filipinos talk about them too. Our much competitive softball team lost their second game against Japan - in the World Championship yet few people care.

Some even say we should be thankful they represent us. I say THEY should be thankful for they are given the PRIVILEGE of playing for our country. Only a chosen few get to do that.

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