Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hologram - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Second Opening English

Hologram by NICO Touches The Walls is the second opening song of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Second opening already? Time flies fast huh?

Hologram - English Translation

NICO Touches The Walls

English Translation:
Invited by a pure white scenery now
Ill go to a world that I still havent seen
As a lost child, I journeyed
Under the slate-gray sky
Many dreams blotted through the map that changes daily
Even with my strides as I am tiny
I wonder if I can get to the other side of those clouds
I pretended to be strong and got hurt
As if looking through my heart
The raindrops that started to fall
Repeatedly bounce off and get scattered everywhere
The direct light intersects itself
And without even announcing my destination
I pierce through everywhere
The faint afterimage is burnt into my eyes
Under this sky
No matter where I am
I should be able to reach
The world that I still havent seen

credits: King0Mik

Without these translators how are we going to understand the song? Thank you for their hardwork.

Hologram - Full Version was just released days ago

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