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Naruto Chapter 457 / Naruto Begs For Sasuke / The Meeting of The Five Kages Begin

In Naruto 457, Naruto begged the Raikage to spare Sasuke. It didn't work. The Raikage has the Ninja view of the world. Forgiveness and nonviolence is an alien concept in the Ninja universe. It goes to show Naruto has a long way in becoming like Mahatma Gandhi and change the ninja world. Besides, Sasuke should be the one begging anyway. He is the one at fault.

By the way the meeting of the Kages is about to start and Mifune - the leader of the land of iron is the moderator. The agenda is how to deal with Akatsuki.

Boy, I'll discuss this issue more G.W. tomorrow due to time constraints.

This is what happened before:

Actually, the Raikage was talking about Neji's father. When Hinata was kidnapped, the kidnapper was killed by Hiashi, Hinata's father. The kidnapper was a representative from the Cloud, Raikage's village. Since their representative was killed, they DEMANDED Hiashi's dead body so they wont start a war against the Leaf. So Sarutobi did was, he quickly decided to give Hizashi(Neji's father) instead of Hiashi(Hinata's father). Hiashi is from the Main family and Hizashi is from the branch family but since they are twins, the cloud wont noticed the differences. Of course, the curse seal on Hizashi's head vanished after his death. It wasnt a bad decision for Sarutobi since the branch family's responsibility is to solely protect the Main family who is holding the secrets of their bloodline.

Narutokun, mangafox

This is what Yamato was talking about in Naruto Chapter 457.


What is Sai going to tell Sakura?
Maybe NOT what you're thinking. It's too obvious.

Naruto manga from Weekly Shonen Jump it also has anime version seen legally on Crunchyroll.

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