Friday, July 31, 2009

Bleach 368 Review: The Fearless Child / Who and What is Fura?

Bleach 368 Review the Fearless Child. First stop, is the huge hollow coming out in the last issue is called "Fura"? Yes, it also happens to be Wonderweiss favorite! I think Mashiro pissed Wonderweiss good!

Finally, Hisagi and Tousen had their reunion. Hisagi is one of those Vice -captains totally hurt by their Captain's defection. But is Hisagi good enough? Will their pairing (with Captain Komamura) enough? Tousen really looks formidable and strong (cut Grimmjow's arm easily). Kenpachi gave him a handful though in their fight in the first Bleach story arc. Most bleach observers say Tousen might be holding back in that fight. Now, we will see Tousen's power now and how much he held back against Kenpachi (assuming it was true)

Man, I'll review and re-examine Bleach 368 (manga) G.W. again. I've ran out of time. So we will look forward to the next Bleach both in anime and manga. By the way, this piece is not yet finished.

Updated: Japanese comics = manga
Japanese cartoons= anime

Soi Fon's attitude typified why the rest of the Vizard are not warm about this reunion with the Shinigami. Hiyori has this great ability to piss people off and now irritates Toushirou - not Akon (not the singer) can pawn her.

Bleach's getting better. According to internet reports, Bleach manga is tenth in the best sellers list manga category. This year it even surpassed the Watchmen to become the best selling as the number 1 graphic novel in the United States. Great news right? You bet since the animation market in Japan shrunk this year.

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