Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bleach 367 Your Enemy Is My Enemy / Payback

Bleach 367 Your Enemy is My Enemy

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

Its payback time - the Vizards (ones deceived by Aizen) and Shinigami (ones betrayed by Aizen's gang) fight side by side against the Arrancars and Renegade Shinigamis. They have no choice. Two weeks ago, we saw some Vizards were still bitter with their former Shiningami colleagues. As Shinji told Captain Yamamoto,"We're not on your side. We're on Ichigo's side." Pretty understandable considering 110 years ago, Soul Society wanted them DEAD. The Vizards are bitter but not vengeful. The target of their ire is Aizen and his minions.

Captain Komamura broke the ice and declared he's there to help the masked ones. Yup, he was convinced they were allies after the Vizards destroyed the Menos Grandes coming out. Ironically, he saved Shinji from Aizen's underling and his ex-bestfriend Tousen. Hisagi wants to join in too.

Komamura + Hisagi vs Tousen

I think Yamamoto is still out so her fight against Ichimaru Gin will probably be later. I still want to know more about their relationship and how they got to know each other.

Aizen has many enemies. Who will fight him?

Lisa Yadomaru was the only one who bothered to check on her former captain Shunsui who was on the ground after Stark outsmarted him and Ukitake. Lisa is a hottie (or correctly put well-drawn).

By the way, Payback is soooooo sweet.

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