Thursday, July 9, 2009

Danzo & Uchiha Madara One &The Same?

One year ago someone posted this theory that Danzo = Madara.

Danzo & Madara has been subject of intensity scrutiny for almost a year by hard-core Naruto fans. Now, there's a possibility the debates will intensify! What if Danzo suddenly has Sharingan? Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean he is Madara but one thing's for sure it would fire up the fans - again. One thing about Masashi Kishimoto is he leaves clues that intrigue fans (of both the manga and the anime) and to make them discuss the story

Here's a counterpoint to the argument above from youtube:

Just to clarify, the reason Madara knew the truth about the Uchiha clan was because...oh, I don't know, he was the leader of the clan? And not only that, he met with Itachi and helped murder the entire clan. That's why he knows the truth about Itachi and Uchiha. Also, appearances mean almost nothing in the world of Naruto. You get the same **** with Obito, he has similar physical features to Madara...but they're obviously not the same. The next chapter will convince you even more of your theory.

Whoever they are -- my interest level in Naruto is back to sky high again.

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