Friday, July 31, 2009

Mad Surfer By Kenichi Asai (20th Bleach Ending)

The 20th Bleach ending starts in episode 230 - yup the new arc Zanpakutou Unknown Tales. With the new arc comes new Bleach ending song called Mad Surfer by Kenichi Asai. Mad Surfer has very American sound but the song is still incomplete. The full version will soon be released.

The English subs / translation

Mad Surfer English Translation:

Credits: xFlame990


I saw this game Wonder King and I am intrigued by it. I'm looking for more info about the game and hopefully I could play it soon. My favorite PC game is the Age of Empires - I love building things up and conquering other territories.

There's a Bleach game too by the way.

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