Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wolverine & Iron Man Anime Trailers / This Is Not Wolverine!!!

Wolverine and Iron Man anime versions are coming and I have the trailers. Let me clear things up - first of all this was Marvel's idea so they could break into the Japanese market. Here's a report from

Marvel Entertainment announced today that they're partnering up with the well known Madhouse to create some new series based off of Marvel Comics characters for the Japanese market. Similar to what was done by Gonzo with Witchblade, the series will be done in a way that fits into the Japanese anime sensibilities which means they may not retain a lot of familiar elements that the comics fans are familiar with.

So why anime? This is Marvel's way of making more money - reaching out to a new market. It's not a sin anyway.

Of course some people reacted negatively but the show wasn't made for them anyway. Here are some reactions from youtube:

"This is a very good quality video, a lot of time and effort has obviously been spent on it, it's just a damn shame It Doesn't Have Wolverine. Would watch it otherwise."

Many agreed with him.

"I Agree this is not Wolverine at all. Wolverine is a YELLOW SPANDEX WEARING Canadian!"

Yeah, also the guy who wears briefs outside his pants. This is NOT Wolverine at ALL LOL.

Wolverine Anime

Iron Man Anime

I don't know what to say but I got to see these shows first before reacting.

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